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1 Month Before Wedding Diet

The One Month Until Wedding Diet is designed to help brides-to-be achieve their desired weight and feel their best on their special day.

Here's a sample 1600-1800 calorie meal plan with a focus on high protein for a bride-to-be:

Note: Please consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian before starting any new diet or meal plan to ensure it aligns with your individual needs and health goals.


1 Month Before Wedding Diet:

Ladies and gentlemen, let me spill the beans on my one-month before wedding diet—the ultimate secret sauce to looking and feeling your absolute best on the big day!

As a real dietitian and the proud owner of Nuptial Nutrition, I've whipped up a plan that will have you strutting down that aisle with confidence and radiance. So, gather 'round and get ready for a fun and fabulous journey towards your dream wedding body!

1 Month Before Wedding Diet: Cara Orlan Wedding Nutritionist
1 Month Before Wedding Diet: Cara Orlan Wedding Nutritionist


First things first, breakfast is the name of the game. Picture this: two fluffy scrambled eggs, a perfectly toasted slice of whole wheat bread, a luscious quarter of avocado, and a generous heap of fresh spinach. This powerhouse combo will keep you feeling full and energized, and hey, who needs Popeye when you've got this amazing green goodness?

1 Month Before Wedding Diet
1 Month Before Wedding Diet

Mid-morning snack cravings:

Now, let's tackle those mid-morning snack cravings with a touch of sweetness and a dash of nutty delight. Grab a juicy apple and dunk it into a jar of almond butter—cue the heavenly chorus! It's a match made in snacking heaven, and it will satisfy your cravings like nobody's business.

1 Month Before Wedding Diet
1 Month Before Wedding Diet


When it's time for lunch, it's all about that lean and mean grilled chicken breast. Stack it high on a bed of vibrant mixed greens, toss in some juicy cherry tomatoes and crisp cucumber slices, and drizzle it all with a tantalizing balsamic vinaigrette. Trust me, this salad will make you fall head over heels in love—with your taste buds and your reflection in the mirror!

1 Month Before Wedding Diet
1 Month Before Wedding Diet

Afternoon slumps:

Afternoon slumps? Not on our watch! It's Greek yogurt parfait time, my friends. Take a creamy Greek yogurt, toss in a handful of mixed berries bursting with flavor, and sprinkle some magical chia seeds on top. It's like indulging in a guilt-free dessert that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

1 Month Before Wedding Diet
1 Month Before Wedding Diet


Pre-workout fuel is the secret ingredient to unleashing your inner fitness goddess.

Grab a small banana for a burst of natural energy and a handful of almonds for that protein-packed punch. Trust me, this dynamic duo will have you strutting confidently into your exercise routine, no matter how intense or leisurely it may be.

1 Month Before Wedding Diet
1 Month Before Wedding Diet


Now, let's talk dinner—a feast fit for a bride-to-be! Baked salmon takes center stage, accompanied by a fluffy bed of quinoa, a vibrant serving of steamed broccoli, and a zesty olive oil and lemon dressing that will make your taste buds do the tango. This delectable ensemble will nourish your body and make you feel like the glowing beauty you are.

1 Month Before Wedding Diet
1 Month Before Wedding Diet

Evening Snack:

But wait, there's more! An evening snack that's both satisfying and scrumptious. Imagine a heavenly combination of creamy cottage cheese, succulent pineapple chunks, and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts for that delightful crunch. It's the perfect treat to end your day on a high note, leaving you feeling satiated and content.

1 Month Before Wedding Diet
1 Month Before Wedding Diet

And there you have it, my dear readers—the inside scoop on my one-month before wedding diet, brought to you by yours truly, the dietitian extraordinaire behind Nuptial Nutrition.

Remember, this plan is designed to help you embark on your journey towards wedding day radiance, but please consult with a professional dietitian or healthcare expert to tailor it to your individual needs.

So, lace up those bridal shoes, embrace the adventure, and get ready to rock that aisle with confidence and grace! With Nuptial Nutrition by your side, you'll be the epitome of bridal beauty. Cheers to your upcoming nuptials and a dazzling, healthy journey toward your dream wedding body!


Here's more of what you should eat a month before your wedding if you want to lose weight:

1 Month Before Wedding Diet

Cara Orlan: 1 Month Before Wedding Diet
Cara Orlan: 1 Month Before Wedding Diet

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this month leading up to your wedding.

  1. Oats: Incorporate wholegrain oats into your diet to provide sustained energy and keep you feeling full for longer periods. It's important to consume healthy carbohydrates rather than eliminating them entirely. Oats also offer a gluten-free alternative to wheat toast, making them a great choice for breakfast.

  2. Avocado: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, E, K, B6, folate, magnesium, and potassium, avocados are a nutritional powerhouse. They are also a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, which promote overall health and satiety. Aim to consume half an avocado every day or every other day.

  3. Salmon: Incorporate salmon into your diet as it provides lean protein and healthy fats. Salmon is rich in B vitamins, potassium, selenium, and antioxidants. The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon can help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. As with any food, moderation is key, so aim for around 4 ounces when including salmon in your main meals.

  4. Nuts: Nuts are an excellent source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber. They provide a variety of flavors and can be enjoyed as a snack or added to meals. Almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts are some examples of nuts you can try. Each type offers different nutrients, so feel free to experiment with new flavors.

  5. Eggs: Eggs are a versatile source of protein and healthy fats, making them suitable for brides following a plant-based diet. You can prepare eggs in various ways, allowing you to incorporate them into different meals or enjoy them as a snack. Sprinkling a little bit of Everything Bagel seasoning on your eggs can add an extra burst of flavor.

  6. Herbs and Spices: Swap out garlic, which can cause bloating and gas due to its high fructan content, with other herbs and spices like thyme, basil, parsley, or chives. These alternatives will enhance the flavor of your meals without the risk of bloating.

  7. Probiotics: Consider incorporating probiotic supplements into your routine to promote a healthy gut. Probiotics have been shown to reduce gas production and bloating in individuals with digestive issues. Ensure that you choose a high-quality supplement that contains beneficial bacteria in sufficient quantities. It may take time for probiotics to balance your microbiome, so start early and be patient.

Cara Orlan: 1 Month Before Wedding Diet
Cara Orlan: 1 Month Before Wedding Diet

  1. Fruits and Vegetables: Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh or frozen fruits such as bananas, blueberries, grapefruits, oranges, and strawberries. These options provide natural sweetness without resorting to processed treats. Additionally, opt for vegetables like spinach, cucumbers, lettuce, and zucchini, which can replace cruciferous vegetables known to cause bloating, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. By making these substitutions, you can still enjoy nutrient-rich greens without experiencing discomfort.

  2. Brown Rice: Choose brown rice over white rice as it is a low glycemic index (GI) food that keeps you feeling full for longer. Brown rice is easily digestible and can help calm a nervous stomach. It allows you to include rice in your diet while reducing the starch content.

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