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Healthy Weight Program for Kids and Teens

A program designed to prevent and treat overweight and obesity in children and adolescents through lifestyle changes.

Supporting Your Success

Choose the Your Dietitian For Life Pediatric Weight Management Program

  • We are the only online pediatric weight management program.

  • Our team offers one-on-one appointments for you and your family.

  • A Registered Dietitian works with you to develop a treatment plan.

  • We received special training in techniques to help kids and teens manage their weight. This means that we factor in mental and physical developmental stages. We also use language suited to the age of the child when talking about health and behavioral changes.

  • Our approach to behavior change includes the entire family. We look at family dynamics and all household members before making recommendations. Working on changes as a household leads to better support and more success.

Childhood Obesity: Services
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Program Schedule

Childhood Obesity: Schedule

Week 1


We will work to understand your goals, medical history, eating habits, food preferences, and unique physiology.

Week 2

Starches, Proteins, and Fats

Learn how carbohydrates, fat, and protein are the fuel you need to work and play.

Week 3

Proper Portion Sizes

Learn how to eat the right portion size of food for your personal needs.

Week 4

Meal Timing

Learn how to eat at regular intervals throughout the day to increase energy, mood, and focus, and decrease appetite and cravings.

Week 5

Healthy Food Shopping

Learn how to shop for healthy foods on a budget, including checking food labels in the grocery aisles.

Week 6

Balance Your Calories

Learn about calories, what they measure and why they are important. Learn that calorie balance is an equation of calories eaten vs. calories burned through activities.

Week 7

Build Healthy Meals

Learn how to create a daily meal plan.

Week 8

Track Your Snack

Know how to choose a healthy snack whether in school, on a team, at home or out with friends.

Week 9

Mid Point
Three-Day Food Record

Learn how to track food eaten over time to assess diet quality.

Week 10

Get Active

Learn what amount and what types of physical activity are important for health.

Week 11

Fueling for game time

Learn how to fuel appropriately before, during, and after sports activity.

Week 12

Finding Balance

Learn how to calculate calories in a favorite meal and identify activities to burn them off.

Week 13

Hydration Guidelines

Learn how to hydrate appropriately.

Week 14

Perfect Your Sleep

Learn the importance of sleep and how to plan for your best night in bed.

Week 15

Travel and Fast Food Strategies

Learn how to navigate good nutrition even when on the go.

Week 16

Recipe Makeover

Learn how ingredients and preparation can affect nutrition quality and calories.

Week 17

Wrap Up

We review your progress and set tangible goals to continue to work towards a healthy lifestyle.

Not finding what you are looking for? Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to help.

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